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Donation Usage

This page shows the regular monthly expenses for running OSgrid, Inc.

Breakdown of Monthly OSgrid Disbusements

Your tax deductible donations can help in this cause.


Financial Reports for OSgrid, Inc.

These are the consolidated financial reports sent to the IRS and State of Texas each year.

Income and Disbursements 2017
Beginning Balance 2,407.00
Total Contributions 16,638.00
Operating Expenses 13,510.00
Paypal/Bank l Fees 908.00
Total Disbursements 14,418.00
End of Year Balance 4,627.00
Income and Disbursements 2016
Beginning Balance 3,521.00
Total Contributions 12,599.00
Operating Expenses 12,967.00
Paypal/Bank l Fees 746.00
Total Disbursements 13,648.00
End of Year Balance 2,407.00
Income and Disbursements 2015
Beginning Balance 4,816.00
Total Contributions 13,121.00
Operating Expenses 13,785.00
Paypal Fees 632.00
Total Disbursements 14,417.00
End of Year Balance 3,521.00
Income and Disbursements 2014
Beginning Balance 2,873.00
Total Contributions 16,981.00
Operating Expenses 14,195.00
Paypal Fees 843.00
Total Disbursements 15,038.00
End of Year Balance 4,816.00
Income and Disbursements 2013
Beginning Balance 0.00
Total Contributions 13,109.00
Operating Expenses 9,675.00
Paypal Fees 561.00
Total Disbursements 10,236.00
End of Year Balance 2,873.00