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The operating system of DG500C is Android 2, also known as Jellybean  It has 4GB ROM and 1GB RAM  It can also support TF cards of up to 64GB for additional external memory  It is WiFi ready and it has support for 2G and 3G networks  The phone can accommodate dual SIM Cards, which is handy for people who have two lines .

doogee dg500c The phone is already unlocked so you wouldThe phone is already unlocked so you would be able doogee dg500c to put in any SIM card from any telecommunication service provider You can take your own self-portraits with its 0MP front camera Capture even more high-definition pictures with its 0MP back camera which is capable of auto-focus and its own LED flashlight You can also record videos with up to 1080p quality The phone has a long battery life At standby, it can last for 2 to 3 days This way, you dont have to worry much about having a dead phone when you need it most . buy doogee dg500c You will a href httpYou will doogee dg500c not have a hard time viewing the content on this China smartpohnebecause of its 960540 pixels resolution on buy doogee dg500c its 5 QHD screen The phone is also easy to carry because it only weighs 467g Also, with the phones dimensionof 69 x 13 x 28 inches, you would not have a hard time holding it It is a thin phone so you can put it in your pocket It also saves much space when it is inside your bag or pouch DOOGEE DG500C Smartphone MTK6582 Android 2 GPS OTG 0 Pulgad – Blanco Review The DOOGEE DG500C smartphone is a very functional and practical phone . doogee dg500c black It doogee dg500c black has a sleek whiteIt doogee dg500c black has a sleek white design and it is lightweight Furthermore, the phone has support for more than 40 languages Another highlight of the DG500C is its front and back cameras With their high-definition specifications, you would be able to get the best pictures of your memories with little to no hassle at all Overall, the phone has a great performance, especially when you consider that it has a Cortex A7 quad core which is running at 3GHz . doogee dg500c white All these features and more come with oneAll these features and more come with one doogee dg500c white of the cheapest smartphone in the market DOOGEE DG500C Smartphone MTK6582 Android 2 GPS OTG 0 Pulgad – Negro Review The DG500C Negro is similar to the DG500C Blanco except for the color of the casing The DG500C Blanco is pure white while the DG500C Negro comes in blue and black This is convenient for those who want any scratch or dirt to be less visible Also, its color is more low-key than Blanco Best HTC Smartphones You Should Consider before planning to Buy Any Smartphone HTC Desire 700 Dual SimHTC Desire 700 dual sim is a qHD 5 inch screen with capacitive touchscreen of high resolution It works on GSM networks and is a dual sim phone which runs on Android v2 OS Desire 700 dual sim is powered by quad core QUALCOMM snapdragon with 1GB RAM