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OSGrid Operations and Development Wiki

OSgrid, Inc.

Articles of Incorporation
By-Laws of OSgrid, Inc.
Board of Directors

Reports & Minutes

Board Minutes
Membership Minutes
Financial Reports
OSgrid Administrators

Meeting Logs

Town Hall Meeting
Developer Office Hours
Saturday Q&A


- 1. Opensim / architecture / what is it? / terminology.
- 2. Pre-requisites and installing a region.
- 3. Troubleshooting installation failures / caveats / routers & firewalls.
- 4. Basic configuration (ini files, OSSL).
- 5. Migrating to MySQL (MySQL.)
- 6. Maintenance / Backups / Logging / (IAR, OAR, Logs).
- 7. General Troubleshooting / Using Mantis Bug reports to your advantage.

Community Tutorials

- Scripting class logs -


Setting up a Var Region
(New) Freeswitch : How To Setup
(OLD) Freeswitch: How To Setup
(OLD) Freeswitch: Example Configurations
Automated OAR Backups Linux
Region MySQLdump Backup (linux only currently)
Terrain RAW Files

Scripting Languages

Getting Started With LSL
LSL Functions Listing
LSL Functionality Classifications
Basic LSL Tests
Enabling OSSL Functions
OpenSIM LSL/OSSL Status :
Sample Scripts: OSgrid Scripting Forums


Internal Avatar Animations


Mesh Tree Generators
Sculpted Prims with Wings 3D
Using Ninja Physics in OpenSimulator
Learn to Make Second Life Sculpties in Blender


Current OSGrid infrastructure
Help with translations
Opensim Nomenclature


References : Second Life Wiki
This work uses content from the Second Life® Wiki article Viewer Architecture. Copyright © 2008 Linden Research, Inc. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (see the complete license terms).

MediaWiki References

Configuration settings list - MediaWiki FAQ - MediaWiki release mailing list - Consult the User's Guide