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What is OSgrid, Inc?

Osgrid, Inc. is a non-profit tax deductible Corporation, incorporated in the state of Texas on February 12, 2013. All contributions made to OSgrid are tax deductible for Federal Income Taxes in the United States, and are therefore also tax deductible for state income taxes in most of the 50 states and its territories. This applies only to any individual, company or corporation paying income taxes in the United States. In May of 2015 the Internal Revenue Service made a determination that OSgrid, Inc. did meet their criteria for being designated a Public Charity and was declared a 501(c)3 organization. This means that going forward all contributions and donations to OSgrid, Inc. in the US will be tax deductible, and that this designation is also retroactive back to its formation in February of 2013.

The current organization took over the operation of OSgrid, when the original organization in California was unable to continue due to the fact that servers which were donated to that organization by the University were no longer available.

The original purpose of OSgrid was to provide for a test platform for the development and testing of new code for opensimulator. This purpose has continued but with the additional purpose of providing a free and open source social platform, for the expansion of the arts, education and scientific advancement. And to promote the further advancement of the opensimulator project.

Osgrid has served both as a home to many who have entered the virtual world of opensim for the first time, and to many that have migrated from Second life. It has also served as a starting point for many that have gone on to start their own standalone sims or new grids that have been created with the ever emerging opensimulator software.

Osgrid has some limited free homesteads available for individuals that have no homes themselves in opensim on a first come basis. These are free and no charges are made for their use. Osgrid itself hosts about 10 Sims all of which end with the name Plaza. Three of these are set up as homesteads. They are SeaPrior Plaza, Teravus Plaza and Zaius Plaza. All others sims on OSgrid are owned and operated either by individual home users, or by companies that host the regions through their own servers. Many of these sims will also offer homesteads to those that ask. Some are again free, and others do require a monthly or regular fee. Many of the items on OSgrid are also free, but some will have restrictions as to copying or transferring.

Unlike Second Life, there are no charges for uploading textures, sounds, or animations. There also are no land charges if you host your own regions on OSgrid. Therefore your only limitation on land area is the capabilities of your own computer. The infrastructure hosting OSgrid's central databases and grid services are running on community based donations.