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Current Serving Board of Directors of OSgrid, Inc.

Post Office Name Avatar Term Email Contact
1 President J. Mefford dan banner 2nd term - 3rd year of 3 danbanner at
2 Vice-President Sarah Brightman Sarah Kline 2nd term - 1st year of 3 sarah.kline at
3 Secretary J. Sagara Jim Jackson 2nd term - 2nd year of 3 jjackson at
4 Treasurer Lawrence A. Roberts albertlr Landar 3nd term - 1st year of 1 lroberts at
5 Board Member Active Cody Frazier Wizard Atazoth 1st term - 1st year of 3 wizard at
6 Board Member Inactive James Stallings, II Hiro Protagonist Ex-Officio Member james.stallings at

Board members can also be contacted in world on OSgrid by using IM's.