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New User Information

  • Trash - To empty your Trash folder, login to the website go to My Account and a link is on the left side of page to empty trash. You will also want to Empty trash in your viewer at the same time.
  • Regions - If you ever need to remove a region you are no longer running, login to the website and select Account > My Profile you can remove (purge) regions registered to your avatar, and this removes them from the map.
  • Partnering - If you want to partner with another avatar, login to the website and select My Account > Profile, scroll to "Change Partner" add your partner's name and they will get a notice sent to their email.
  • Don´t know where to go ? - LBSA Plaza is OSGrids social lounge, generally people hang around there at any time of the day. (Did you know you can click on any of the plaza's in the login screen of your viewer, and it will make you login there).
  • Need new clothes / a house / other stuff ? - Wright Plaza is where you want to visit for shopping. From there you will find many more places to visit, as it is also the home of the Travel Office.
  • Need a place to Live ? - If you have no land to place your home here yet, you can apply for a free plot at one of our Resident Plaza's. Tutorials on the main wiki page will explain how to run your own simulator, but mind that is a bit of a learning curve to run a server, if you have never done so before. Free land offered by hosts and individuals can be found in the OSgrid Forums
  • I have no place to unpack my items / i cannot seem to rez - OSGrid has various sandboxes, running different physics engines, that you can use to build & test your items. Just open the map and type Sandbox. There are many public sandboxes as well.
  • Sometimes my teleport fails Many regions are hosted on peoples desktop machines. These might not always be online, and your mileage may vary qua performance, depending on their connection / hardware.
  • Where can i find active regions ? If you login to, you can see where your friends are located online. Also online there are various directories like opensimworld
  • How do i keep up to speed with inworld activities ? For that you can best join the Facebook community Group. Everybody can announce it's inworld events there, and also all OSgrid organised events are always posted there 1st. New releases are announced via twitter and appear on your viewer login page, and grid announcements are posted via
  • Are there more places on the web to find Opensim / Osgrid related information ? Sure. Try this "startpage"

Especially with troubleshooting, mind that since the platform exists for over 10 years now, it's important to always verify the data your read is not very outdated, stuff might have changed.

  • Are there also places within Osgrid to find useful information, scritps or tools ? Sure. LBSA Plaza and Wright Plaza are good places to start chatting -asking questions / shopping / finding info and or goodies.

(under construction, more to be added later)